Must-Haves for Travelling in 2024: What to Pack

We’ve never been more ready to get back to travelling, but this time, we want to do it properly. Gone are the days of badly-packed rucksacks, overstuffed carry-ons, or malfunctioning electronics – this time around, we want to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible before your amazing adventure. We’ve got some seasoned travellers in the Dragon Trip offices, so we asked around to get you the low-down on their absolute must-haves for travelling in 2024.

In a hurry? Get the condensed list here. 

must-haves for travelling
A Water Bottle: 

To start off, Sam’s pick is (in his words!) ‘super sensible and non-exciting’ – though we don’t agree about the second part! “A refillable water bottle, especially when travelling somewhere hot. It’s a good way to reduce the amount of money you spend day to day and also it’s more eco-friendly. You can take them through airport security empty in your hand luggage and fill up to stay hydrated on your flight.” 


An Extension Lead: 

For James, it’s all about maximising what you’re travelling with. “As I normally only travel with one plug adapter when heading off overseas, my absolute must-have is a rather boring extension lead with four sockets. It’s a game changer for when you have to battle with your partner as to who’s using the adapter, and they have their hair dryer and straighteners all in use and all you need is to charge your phone!” 


A Portable Charger: 

Nicole is similarly prepared when she heads away. “I cannot travel anywhere without a portable charger. Nowadays, we rely on our phones for a lot when travelling; plane tickets, booking a taxi, directions to the next destination – or documenting the journey along the way. So, a charged phone is a must-have for travelling in 2023! A tip for travellers: always carry it in your hand luggage when flying, as many places will take the portable charger out of your suitcase and throw it away. I once found that out on a trip to South Korea!” 


A Travel Wallet: 

Jess is all about keeping her necessities within arm’s reach. “One of my ultimate must-haves for travelling is a travel wallet. I invested in a good one many years ago, and it’s become my prized possession when I go away. I love to have all my travel documents, passport, and flight information in one place, and it’s also a really handy place to keep currency! If you invest in a good one, a great travel wallet also has hooks for keys (perfect if you’re self-catering), and lots of zipped pockets for change and cards. No more fumbling around at airport gates!” 


must-haves for travelling


A Good Book: 

Alex had an oldie but a goodie. “You never know if you are going to get hit with delays and be forced into a long, frustrating wait. You might want to save your phone’s battery, or just fancy a break from screen time, and a book is never going to let you down. Also, nothing will fill the time quite like getting lost in an exciting story as you inch closer to the start of your next Dragon Trip…” A good book is one of the ultimate must-haves for travelling! 


A Travel Pillow: 

Hattie’s pick might sound like an obvious choice, but you’ll be surprised how useful it is. “A good memory foam travel pillow is perfect for overnight trains and buses where you may not always have a fully reclined seat.” It might seem like a classic staple if you’re flying, but if you’re on a multi-stop tour like those offered by The Dragon Trip, you’ll quickly come to be grateful that you have it on all forms of transport.  


A Pair of Football Boots: 

For the sports-mad backpackers, Rory’s must-have might be a valid answer. “It might seem like a luxury, but if I have space, my boots are in the bag! There are loads of useful apps that help you find 5-a-side games with strangers in a foreign land.  Playing in other countries is an adventurous way to learn how the universal language of football varies across the world, from different ways of selecting who goes in goal to extremely different ideas about what counts as a foul.” 


A Luggage Tag:  

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget one! Maria sings the praises of a clear luggage tag: “you don’t want to end up with someone else clothes!” It’s even more crucial when you’re on a multi-stop tour or hopping from city to city. Be sure to include key contact information and your name so that you can always retrieve it! You can also buy a smart tag if you fancy an upgrade that allows you to keep tabs on your bag at all times – this is great for providing peace of mind if it’s a source of nervousness for you when flying.  


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